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Highland Evergreen has a daily delivery schedule. We ship out “Same Day” Monday to Friday to the Greater Toronto area. Orders need to be placed the day before during the busy holiday season. (November and December) At most other times of the year we are able to send deliveries out “Same Day” when orders are received by 9am. We also offer Route Sales as a delivery option, please inquire if this is a service that would interest you.

Shipping of Irregular Items

Items being shipped that are oblong or irregular, like Grapevine Structures, Branches, Poles, Large and XL Curly Willow, have a minimum delivery charge of $25.00 generally these shipments require a dedicated truck. As orders are placed we will be able give you a better indication of the freight charge.

Shipping out of Area

We will gladly send out your orders by UPS. Rates will be determined after orders are placed and we have the weight & dimensions of your packages. Consider the outside temperature when planning to ship fresh items.

Shipping Costs In General

Every order is unique in size and weight. Freight is most easily determined once we know what we are dealing with. To give you a bit of a guide for deliveries going Same Day within the Greater Toronto area you should expect to pay $15.00-$20.00 plus $2.50 for every extra piece.

Thank you for your business!