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Thank you all for your kind words:

"Dear Rob, Howie, Brian & Everyone at Highland,

Thank you so much for all your help over the year!

With great appreciation,"

F S H Toronto

"Dear Howie & Staff,

On behalf of the Canadian Academy of Floral Art, Id like to extend my sincere thanks for your assistance in our Annual Design Show & Induction Ceremony. We can not put shows on of high caliber without the support of our sponsors.

Thanks again, kind regards,"


"Hello, everyone at Highland,
"You know already that you guys are the best!!!!" Leadership from Howie is great and you have great girls there and men who are very helpful. Pricing is satisfactory and quality is top notch. Cleanliness in the coolers and warehouse have been extremely top notch in the past year. Talk to you soon.

Von "

The Watering Can

"Thank-you for all the good service over the years. Best wishes to all, my regards.

Tom "

Forget Me Not Flower Shop

"Thank you for being so generous and supportive of our efforts to recognize the artistic talents of Canadian designers and encourage the students of our industry to achieve greater heights in creativity.

Regards Inta Taurins,CAFA "

Canadian Acedemy of Floral Art